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The list from 2004


  • Gift certificate for hair style/perm

  • Subscription to People magazine

  • Socks, white

  • contributions toward her monthly bill (of $70) for her storage unit

  • a VCR for her bedroom (Chris says you can get used ones in Columbus for about $40)

  • flag case (you can get these at a craft place in Columbus for less than they cost in catalogs)

  • Hummel figurines


  • Ryobi laser level (it sticks to the wall). Try Sears

  • photo album software

  • Star Wars trilogy on DVD

  • tie-dyed shirts


  • manicure, pedicure, facial at Charles Penzone

  • Night out with Tom (dinner, movie, babysitting) in Columbus

  • a pair of Lands end gloves (some bright color) size small

  • Bathrobe in fleece or terrycloth, size small

  • The time turner from Harry Potter, see

  • golf clubs


  • model magic or other non-messy clay type product.

  • sweater - size 7 or 8 (he favors dark colors)

  • a shirt with SpongeBob SquarePants on it.

  • Gift cards to Toys R Us, Borders or Barnes and Noble (he thinks spending his own money is very cool)

  • Gringotts Bank coin collection, see

  • (See more ideas at the end of Pete's list)

  • drum set


  • puzzles - 12-25 pieces inset into a frame. Not the kind where there is a single piece with a peg, but where multiple pieces make a picture. Floor puzzles would also be good.

  • It would almost be better to say what not to get:

    • He does not need any clothes

    • no blue & green matching objects

    • no Mooshi pillows filled with tiny beads.

    • nothing he can bite pieces off of (foam)

  • lock-picking kit

Ideas for both Dave & Pete:

  • a balance board see

  • refill packs for the light bright cube

  • any product from Mighty Mind except the basic edition like supermind, or the design books or additional design tiles, see:

  • Crayola color wonder finger paints

  • go-fish-go @

  • other toys with magnets

  • a book called Actual Size

  • Magic tree house books


  • Rather than giving him more stuff, Brent asks you instead  to contribute to one of these charities.

  • subscription to People magazine 


  • contributions to any charities on Brent's list, plus:

  • COSI membership

  • chocolate covered almonds from Trader Joe's

  • gift certificate to Thongs 's' Things


  • magnifying glass

  • washable paints, brushes, paper, no-spill paint cups like this

  • new cans of playdough

  • standard-sized legos

  • she wears size 3T, and her favorite color lately is light blue

  • piggy bank (not breakable, not necessarily a pig either)

  • "Baby Braveheart" video


  • UVa sweatshirt (no hood) check Or possibly UB? 

  • Room humidifier 

  • Archie Fripp's book. Just-in-time math for engineers 

  • Digital meat thermometer 

  • Shirts 17.5-18 x 35. I much prefer the non-iron ones. 

  • Memory card for hp 612 digital camera. 

  • Indoor/Outdoor thermometer 

  • Potentially a remote car starter - but only if it works on a standard that requires the clutch to be pressed in when starting (therefore, I don't think this would exist?)

  • urinal fountain



  • gift certificate for Lowes

  • her camera fixed!

  • no clothes, please

  • tires

  • big plastic storage boxes of various sizes

  • COSI membership

  • "The Normals" by David Gilbert

  • wooden bookshelves, the same color as the rest of the woodwork in her house


  • LeeŽ press-on nail gun


  • "Thunderbirds" DVD or VHS

  • Absolutely NO slime (as in volcanos)

  • leather pants 


  • Last Minute Additions:
    • A New Financial Calculator: My calculator got crushed somehow (on the day of my Finance final exam of all times). The one I have used (since 1989) is listed below. It does not have to be this exact model, but preferably at least in the Texas Instruments BA II Plus line.
    • A Belt Sander: Does not have to be as nice as this one
  • Books
  • Clothes
    • Dress socks - black
    • White undershirts. Crew neck. 100% cotton. Size XL (I wear these every day, so quality counts. Land's End ones are good, Polo or Brooks Brother's are better)
    • Black Leather Gloves
    • Coat hangers (Nice wooden with the bar for pants) - Can never have too many of these
    • Slippers (like loafers he could wear indoors only)
    • Fleece sweaters (not too heavy---no hoodies)
  • Electronics
  • Housewares
    • An inexpensive set of glass wine glasses
  • Convenience
    • Here is a goofy one - Snow plowing. There are a lot of services in Buffalo. Considering I work 7 to 6, and don't get home 'till 10 on school nights, this would be a wonderful relief.
  • "Knit Your Way to Millions!" by Gladys Forchen-Hunter


  • Subscription to scrapbooking magazine (Creating Keepsakes) available on amazon wish list as well

  • Cream turtleneck

  • Black or dark colored turtleneck acrylic sweaters 

  • Cotton sweaters

  • Pan with an oven-proof handle (used on range top and in oven)

  • Sung perfume

  • Books: amazon wish list (or type in Christine Rosch under wish lists)

  • Sizes xl or 16

  • ant farm


  • Books (requests for dinosaur books)

  • Books to go with Leap pad

  • Matchbox cars and such

  • Interests: construction equipment, animals, sports, outdoors, dinosaurs (somewhat)

  • Thomas trains (has Thomas and Henry---for wooden rail)

  • Videos---especially Blue's Clues, Dora, Bob the Builder, Thomas, and Elmo

  • Cassettes or cds of piano music

  • Sizes: 3T pants or 4T shirts, 5T pajamas, 9 shoes (doesn't need clothes, but just in case you see something irresistible)

  • St. Bernard puppy

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