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Rosch Family

Christmas List



Travel Plans

  • Dan will be headed for the Rose Bowl in Pasadena before New Years. He'll likely have band rehearsals over the break as well.


  • Buffalo Rosches: We believe we will leave for Columbus on 12/23 & leave for Buffalo on 12/27.


  • Framingham Rosches: Our travel plans are not yet set, but we will be there no later than the 23rd and stay until the 30th, weather permitting. I am happy to prepare a brisket dinner at some point during the week and other meals on request.


  • Bill: He will probably arrive in Columbus the weekend of the 15th and leave soon after Christmas.



Let Beth know your travel plans, and we'll post them here.

SPECIAL ACTIVITY (the gift of a fun experience) FOR THE COUSINS STARTS AT 8:15 PM ON DECEMBER 26!


Merry Christmas from the Taggarts

FYI: 2017 list

The List

Tom Marcy  David  |   Peter  |  Brent  |  Beth  |  Abby  | BillAndy  |  Chris  |  Dan  |  Bob  |  Christy  |  Liam  | Eamonn 




     Maybe a subscription to HBO GO, BBC America, or CBS All Access. (They have a new smart TV.)

     Home laser tag

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     Hamilton, the book and the CD of the musical

     Pretty much anything by Doris Kearns Goodwin

     Books by Dava Sobel: Longitude: The True Story of a Lone Genius Who Solved the Greatest Scientific Problem of His Time and The Planets

     Reusable and washable produce bags, no particular brand

     The Wines of Christmas advent calendar

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     Polo shirts, Men's XL

     Dav won't have a meal plan next semester, so maybe grocery gift cards for Stop and Shop or Target.

     "Tabletop games or something."

     "Wicked Smaht" t-shirt

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     Maybe a new blanket for to use in the living room while watching our new TV; he doesn't like things to move between rooms. Something very soft and big enough to cover him.

     A selection of fine Dijon chex mixes

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     Pizza Peel (ex: Eppicotispai Birchwood Pizza Peel, 16 by 12-Inch, $10.99 at

     Meathead: The Science of Great Barbecue and Grilling - Meathead Goldwyn (Kindle $14.99 at

     Gift Cards to Mad River Outfitters (any amount) (I can put these towards classes and guided fishing trips)

     Tickets to any cool shows in Columbus (at CATCO, CAPA, Short North Stage, Funny Bone Comedy Club, or other)

     Columbus food tour (food truck or ethnic foods)

     "The Stoner's Guide to Denver Basements" by Bon Gondude

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     Veritellis game

     Gift certificate for massage

     Tickets to shows

     Nice box of citrus fruit

     Car detailing gift certificate

     Cards Against Humanity

     LoJack for retired husbands

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     Earbuds or headphones

     Fuzzy socks

     Fantastic Beasts Crimes of Grindlewald DVD




     Books, including Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, Ready Player One, and Fahrenheit 451 (fantasy, sci fi, realistic fiction)

     Painting supplies: good brushes, canvasses, acrylic paint, watercolor paint, watercolor paper

     Copic markers



     Cable buddies

     "Guide to America's Best Party Schools"

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     A suit, or someone to help him pick out a suit.

     "Shakespeare for Cats" by Prof. Ance Anxiety

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     Contributions toward a new desk chair. He really needs one, but he needs to sit in it to choose the one to bring home.

     Motorola DinoTac3 Rotary Mobile Phone

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     Cell phone sanitizing case to fit Galaxy S8

     3-gallon shop vac

     Platinum Rewards status at Home Depot

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     Cool band-related stuff

     Anything that might be neat to have in an apartment next year

     Dapper Dan's French Horn Polish

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     Sabres tickets (looking at you Bill)

     Digital Caliper, like this one

     Vice-Grip Set, like this.

     Cordovan shoe cream (the leather type, not color) in Black and Burgundy:

     Long sleeve T-shirts in various colors, size XXL, like these.

     Headphone Stand/charger like this one

     Spring Bar Tool Set for watches, like this one

     Something fun to do

     The Yoga Pant Tuxedo, by Lululemon (size 50)

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     Women's size 14/16

     Size 11 slippers, whole foot or ankle boot style

     No wool

     Calendar from

     Christy's Amazon wish list

     Colonial wig

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     Men's size large, tall if available


     Likes Rainbow 6 Seige, Sea of Thieves, pirate stuff, music (rock)

     Check out Liam's Amazon wish list

     "No. I don't play Basketball!" t-shirt

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     Boys size 16/18, men's small

     Pokemon cards

     Lego sets (recent renewed interest)

     Art, animal themed (to hang on his walls)

     Cat sweatshirts

     Sweatpants, star wars theme appreciated

     Day of the dead ring (skull) 5 Ring

     Likes animals, sweatpants and comfy clothes, plays the viola, card games, Undertail the video game, graphic novels (has many)

     101 Kittens

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Want to add/change something?  Email Beth

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