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The Rosch Family

Christmas List


Travel Plans

  • Abby is leaving for the Fiesta Bowl in Arizona, and Dan is leaving for the Outback Bowl in Tampa, on Thursday, December 28. They will be back after New Year's day.


  • Buffalo Rosches:  We believe we will leave for Columbus on 12/23 & leave for Buffalo on 12/27.


  • Framingham Rosches: We are considering leaving Framingham on the afternoon of the 19th or the morning of the 20th to maximize the time the kids will have together. Either way, we will probably arrive on the 20th. We will plan to stay at least until the 27th or the 28th.  As always, our plans are both weather and Pete dependent.


  • Bill:



Let Beth know your travel plans, and we'll post them here.



FYI: 2016 list

The List

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¨     Official Ron Swanson Steak Tools                                                                                      

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¨     Bottle cap stands

¨     I would enjoy a renewal of the Nutrition Action Newsletter, account number 2949189373

¨     A month or portion of a month of Yoga at Metro Best Yoga Studios.

¨     A Xmas Trolley ride with the family

¨     A Girls Day or Night out in Columbus 

¨     Elton John's new boxed set: Diamonds

¨     Books: The Life, Art and Cookbook of Cipe Peneles: Leave me alone with the Recipes; Plant=Protein Recipes by Catrina Wolff; The Tenth Anniversary Edition of How to Cook Everything Vegetarian by Mark Bittman

¨     Preprinted "What, You Can't Call, You Can't Write?" greeting cards                                  

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¨     Posters of things to decorate his dorm room.  He does have a couple plastic hooks with which to hang things, but things that can be taped up would be good too.

¨     DÜber delivery service                                                                                                           

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¨     Gift cards to McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy's, Ninety Nine and Five Guys (his preferred dining choices)

¨     Please, no clothing for Peter.  He wears a very limited wardrobe, by choice.

¨     We live near a Lolli and Pops candy store and they offer refillable containers that can be refilled weekly for less than buying by the bag.  Peter loves to get candy there.  One of the smaller refillable containers would be appreciated by him.

¨     iPad anti-gravity force field (Blue or Green)                                                                             

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¨     Cabella gift card (I will put this toward new boots)

¨     Punderdome Deluxe Card Game ($24.99 at

¨     Pizza Peel (ex: Eppicotispai Birchwood Pizza Peel, 16 by 12-Inch, $10.99 at

¨     The Encyclopedia of Spices and Herbs: An Essential Guide to the Flavors of the World - Padma Lakshmi  (Kindle $18.99 at

¨     Meathead: The Science of Great Barbecue and Grilling - Meathead Goldwyn (Kindle $14.99 at

¨     Weber 7614 Spirit 200/300 Series Rotisserie ($79.99 at Ace Hardware, others) or an Ace Hardware gift certificate to cover some portion of it.

¨     Gift Cards to Mad River Outfitters (any amount) (I can put these towards classes and guided fishing trips)

¨     Tickets to any cool shows in Columbus (at CATCO, CAPA, Short North Stage, or other)

¨     Steak knives

¨     Columbus food tour (food truck or ethnic foods)

¨     Bread-making class, like this.

¨      A Hermione Granger-brand Beaded Bag "personal item" carry-on                                

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¨     Gift certificate for massage

¨     Tickets to shows

¨     Wireless headphones

¨     Cards Against Humanity

¨     "League of Women Voters' Guide to Explaining This Latest Bullshit While Remaining Nonpartisan"                                                                     

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¨      Pop socket (pink-ish)

¨     Truth Bombs game by Dan and Phil

¨     Colt Express board game

¨     Muscle roller

¨     Cute pullover sweaters, size M

¨     "Kullervo" by JRR Tolkein

¨     Earbuds or headphones

¨     First aid supplies.  A LOT of first aid supplies                                                                    

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¨     Lafayette Paperback – November 1, 2003 by Harlow Giles Unger
           Or (but not both)
The Marquis: Lafayette Reconsidered Paperback – August 18, 2015 by Laura Auricchio  (Author)

¨     Corning (Images of America: New York) Paperback – August 27, 2003 by Charles R. Mitchell  (Author)

¨     House of Spies Paperback – August 7, 2017 by Daniel Silva  (Author)

¨     The last two Jack Reacher (Lee childs) books

¨     A couple of tickets to "Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery" February 8, 2018 at the Clemens Center

¨     Help making a 2018 calendar.

¨     Magic Kit including tuxedo, top hat, and bunny                                                                        

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¨     "Burl Ives Sings for Regime Change" (Vinyl)                                                           

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¨     Contributions toward the price of a plane ticket to Florida, so she can see Dan perform in the Outback Bowl parade.

¨     Gift certificates for Kenneth's Salon

¨     Home fence repair kit                                                                                         

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¨      Money for trip to Spain/France

¨     A new trench coat, lightweight so it can be worn all day in his cold school;  a minimum of doodads and trim; no belt; black this time, something like this.

¨     "Barry White's Greatest Romantic Mellophone Hits" (MP3)                                                                                        

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¨     A small car vacuum cleaner

¨     Brown leather gloves

¨     Wireless ear buds

¨     An interesting winter hat

¨     A small car first aid kit

¨     A new retractable leash, for when the dog takes me for my daily walks

¨     Here is an unusual one - cash for charitable contributions.  My employer will double any charitable contribution I make, but I have to make them myself. 

¨     I am not a huge fan of gift cards, but if anyone wants to go that way, good ones would be for L.L. Bean, Amazon, or Lowes.

¨     A 100 year old oak tree to replace one of the shade trees we removed, and the permanent destruction of the Emerald Ash Bore Beetle (yes, I just listed the destruction of a species on a Christmas wish list)!

¨     "Irish Scuba Diving" by Seamus O'Bluetoes (laminated edition)                                               

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¨     Christy's Amazon wish list

¨     Fake fur/polyester aviator hat for dog walking, grey or black preferred

¨     Life is Good shirts, size Large

¨     "How to Put Up Canned  Lesson Plans for Winter" by Boile Curriculum                                 

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¨     Shirt size: Men's L

¨     Inexpensive bodhran (I think he'll like)

¨     Good quality earbuds

¨     Likes music, especially hard rock and metal

¨     "Guide to Furniture and Clothing for Men Over Seven Feet" by Manute Bol                            

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¨     Minecraft legos

¨     Fuzzy blankets

¨     Xbox one Lego Worlds video game

¨     Cuphead for Xbox one video game

¨     Target gift cards

¨     Amazon gift card

¨     Shirt size: Boys 12-14, which is usually a boy's L

¨     Pokemon cards

¨     Still likes cats, and now loves music and musicals

¨     76 individually wrapped trombones                                                                         

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Want to add/change something?  Email Beth

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