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The Rosch Family

2014 Christmas List


the list  


  • Please come to Columbus for Christmas, which is on a Thursday this year.
  • Presents will be opened on Christmas morning at Chris and Andy's house.
  • Christmas dinner will be hosted by Beth and Brent, but held at Chris and Andy's.
  • When you have travel plans, let us know.




  • Cookbook:  Keep your recipes, stories, and pictures coming so we can add them to the family cook book.  


  • Travel Plans:

Beth, Brent, and Abby are heading for Pittsburgh on Friday, December 26 for an Irish Dance Feis there on Saturday the 27th (if it's not blizzarding).  We'll be back in Columbus mid-afternoon on the 28th.  If you are staying at our house, you are welcome to remain there while we're gone.  If anyone wants to join us in Pittsburgh, we'd be happy to have you. :) 


  •  In response to popular demand, here is a list of old placeholders starting in 2004.

Want to add anything to this list?  Email Beth.