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The list from 2005


  • Gift certificate for hair style/perm

  • Pantyhose, size Q  (I know, I know - she's as thin as a rail; but Mom insists that only queen size are tall enough.)

  • Address book

  • scented candles


  • clown costume


  • Figure Skate tote bag

  • skate blade protectors

  • Aerobic/yoga workout wear size M

  • Weight lifting gloves with wrist support size small

  • Gift Certificate to Charles Penzone

  • Donations to Heifer International or Habitat for Humanity

  • I never turn down dark chocolate

  • Books: A Thorn in My Pocket by Eustacia Cutler and Julie and Julia

  • jump rope


  • Dave wants everything (non-girlie) in the Target toy catalog:
  • Radio Control Shell Shocker
  • Matchbox Dino Adventrure Mega Rig
  • Transformers Cybertron Delux
  • Power Rangers Delta Enforcer
  • Starwars or Harry Potter Lego Sets
  • Air Hogs R/C Zero Gravity
  • Nerf Firefly
  • Cranium Turbo Edition
  • Roboraptor
  • VCam Now
  • Magnetix Magna Man
  • Bionicle
  • In-Line Skates
  • Guitar (he also wants lessons)
  • Magna World building sets (to make buildings)

    Please don't buy clothes.


  • "Zen Meditation for Kids"


  • shirt size - 5/6
  • Pants - he has way too many as it is, Thanks Chris!
  • Snow pants could be useful - size 6
  • Puzzles in frames 12-25 pieces.
  • Living Books on CD (He has Green Eggs and Ham) 

    For both boys together - a real keyboard (not toy size).  Must have volume control.


  • alarm clock


Again this year, in lieu of gifts, I would prefer a donation be made in my name to charity. Any one of the following charities (which I list in no particular order) would be great. Many of them have local chapters, and donations to those chapters would be fine.


  • black nail polish


  • gift certificate to Dora's Tattoo and Piercing Emporium


  • cordless phone with answering machine 

  • cast iron skillet

  • Dress shirts (wrinkle-free) 18x35.

  • Rugged, fold-able shovel (entrenching tool?) to store in the trunk and hopefully never use.

  • Good DVD movies. (I have 2, so you can be pretty sure I don't have what you are looking at.)

  • Speakers for when I am watching the good movie.

  • tambourine


  • newest season of Alias on DVD

  • cowboy boots and a 20 gallon hat


  • "Arrested Development" season 2, on DVD

  • work bench

  • Newly released books by Amy Tan, Pam Houston, and R. Soplosky (Monkey Luv)

  • electrician

  • winning lottery tickets

  • Loews gift certificates

  • push-up bra


  • floam (as seen on TV)

  • blue lava lamp

FYI: He already has the DVDs of Madagascar and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

  • mood ring 



  • Lands End roll brim fleece hat, black XL

  • LL Bean men's fleece baseball hat, black XL

  • silicone spatulas

  • inexpensive wireless indoor/outdoor thermometer

  • book: Widow of the South

  • sizes: Large shirt or sweater, 14 or 12 (stretchy) pants, etc.

  • cactus


  • books

  • Leap Pad books

  • Thomas wooden trains: Donald and Douglas, Gordon, Trevor, etc.

  • counting activities, learning activities

  • inexpensive keyboard (piano style). Batteries leaked and killed his expensive one!

  • Loves construction, dinosaurs, trains, garbage trucks, outer space, animals, cheerleaders, blondes

  • sizes 5T or 4/5 boys in shirts and 5T pants, 11 shoes.

  • 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles


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