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The Rosch Family

2007 Christmas List


What's up with Christmas this year?

Stockings - Once again:

This year, each adult selects one thing for every other adult's stocking - but with a price limit of under $5 per item.

(As usual, parents are responsible for their children's stockings.)

FYI: Last year's list

The List

Mom  |  Tom  |  Marcy   |  Dav  |   Pete  |  Brent  |  Beth  |  Abby  |  Bill Andy  |  Chris  |  Dan  |  Bob  |  Christy  |  Liam  | Eamonn 


  • Pretty twin sheets

  • Pulse oximeter (we can pick this up - it's about $100)

  • anything else that would make her feel at home at Chris's

  • remote control light switch

  • Actually, Brent and I got her one of those digital picture frames that holds a couple hundred photos.  Everybody is welcome to chip in photos so we can give it to her already loaded. So, bring a disc (or some photos to be scanned) at Christmas.

  • Drum set


  • PC World magazine subscription

  • Lederhosen 


  • A evening out with Tom

  • The Tenth Muse, a memoir by Judith Jones

  • The Seventh Daughter by Cecilia Chiang

  • Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld

  • Gift Certificate to Charles Penzone

  • Donations to Heifer International or Habitat for Humanity

  • Winter hat (not knit, something really warm)

  • A Southern accent


  • Hero clix (any booster pack)

  • Legos - doesn't really have any sets

  • Baseball batting gloves

  • Books in the Mad Science series by Ann Capeci. It is not available at Barnes and Noble. Maybe at Borders or another chain. You can find them on-line, new and used. They are printed by Scholastic.

  • More Cube World cubes

  • Uncle Milton Moon in My Room

  • Bow N Mallow

  • Executive Marshmallow Shooter

  • Barney ® hat and mitten set




  • Crossword puzzle books (not easy, not killer)

  • Contributions to any charities on Brent's list, plus:

    • contribution to the International Red Cross

    • contribution to the League of Women Voters of Ohio or of Columbus  (You can't donate on line, but you can get more information and their mailing addresses.)

  • pair of tickets to just about anything in the Broadway Series or The Four Bitchin' Babes

  • Subscription to "Guns and Ammo" magazine


  • Cinderella 2 DVD or video

  • any pretty My Little Pony

  • jigsaw puzzles, around 100 pieces

  • Groovy Girl doll.  (She doesn't have a particular one in mind, but she did receive a bunch of Groovy Girl doll clothes from her cousin Erin. You can find them in lots of stores.)

  • craft kits

  • cookbook for kids

  • She wears size 6 or 6x.  Her favorite colors are purple, pink, and turquoise.

  • No gifts please - just make a contribution to a charity for homeless ponies


  • AM Antenna 

  • Step for the gorilla ladder 

  • A fireproof document storage box

  • Sweatshirt

  • Videos (Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, but any good movie as well).

  • Books (This one looks interesting) 

  • XM Radio antenna

  • Can of "new car smell"


  • See Andy's wish list

  • Tickets to the Hannah Montana concert



  • Cleats



  • Books
  • Tools
    • Cordless Drill Kit (preferably Black and Decker or another name brand - so I can buy 2nd battery easily). Unfortunately, the charger for mine broke - so I can't recharge mine. They have changed the battery styles, so I can't just get another charger. I use this tool ALL THE TIME, so a good one is appreciated. Here is the nearest equivalent to the one I currently own.
  • Entertainment
    • Sabres tickets (if you keep the one next to it, Bill). As of the writing of this, there were still small quantities of tickets available to several games…
  • Clothes / Jewelry
    • Cufflinks - I wear a good number of French cuff shirts, so more cufflinks are always appreciated. Interesting shapes or themes are nice. Please avoid ones with coins or money symbols in them. Some examples: Exotic Abalone, Abalone, Patterned Enamel, 3-Stripe, Jigsaw
    • Watch / Cufflink Box - A storage box for watches and cufflinks so they do not get scratched or damaged.
    • An Electric Shoe Buffer - An inexpensive unit that I can keep at work to buff my shoes.
    • Scarf - A nice wool one that would go with a chestnut (light brown) or dark rust colored coat.
    • Gloves - Brown leather gloves
    • Gift Certificate for Jos. A. Banks - I buy a lot of work clothes there. It is often overly expensive, but they have very good sales a couple times a year. This will let me take advantage of the next one.
  • Other
    • I would like an elephant genetically crossed with a pot belly pig (so that it looks like an elephant put only weighs about 45 lbs). They don't currently exist, but I have wanted one as a pet for years. Between Bill's scientific skill, and Beth & Chris's proximity to Ohio State's Agra School, I'm sure someone could make this happen. If possible, I would prefer one with tusks.
  • Bed rest


  • The Dirt on Clean: An Unsanitized History, Katherine Ashenburg

  • The Journey of Man by Spencer Wells

  • Black leather gloves, women’s large or extra large

  • Candy thermometer

  • Small microplaner for cooking

  • Interesting cooking things, cookbooks, etc (NOT The Joy of Soy!)

  • Any good novels, espec. Historical fiction

  • Nose ring


  • Likes Egypt, pirates, knights and castles, and Scooby Doo (including books)

  • (already has multiple pirate ships)

  • Size 6

  • Rescue Hero things (already has Billy Blazes and Wendy Waters, as well as a speedboat)

  • Mustache


  • Ocean Wonders Aquarium, or something like it, where he can lay in his crib and be entertained by it by watching it. (He already enjoys his winnie the pooh mobile, but it has to be rewound so often.)

  • Baby board books

  • Combi weather cover, medium (stroller cover)

  • Currently just into size 3-6 months

  • Enjoys milk, car seats, a nice shampoo, and the late, late shows

  • The ability to fit his entire fist into his mouth

Want to add/change something?  Email Beth


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