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The 2006 List

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2005 list


  • "People" magazine

  • Penzone gift certificate (appx. $35 for a hair cut, $75 for a perm)

  • Dirt Devil (not the new cone-shaped one, but the regular kind with a handle)

  • Tickets to skating show

  • washcloths

  • Marbles


  • ipod accessories or itunes gift certificates

  • Bicycle basket, bell, and handlebar streamers (pattern: Spiderman)


  • Figure Skate tote bag

  • skate blade protectors

  • Gift Certificate to Charles Penzone

  • Donations to Heifer International or Habitat for Humanity

  • an evening out with Tom

  • jump rope

  • weight set and adjustable bench

  • Vintage "Green Acres" lunch box with thermos silo


  • hockey skates , size 4

  • clay, self drying (not kiln drying)

  • radio controlled vehicles: Road Champs Fly wheels XPV vehicle

  • Nikko 1:5 Kawasaki motorcycle

  • Mattel Shell schocker

  • Air Hogs Storm Launcher

  • Hasbro i-dog (not any pets)

  • Blast pad missiles

  • Letter "e"


  • jigsaw puzzles with and without frames 25-50 pieces.

  • ice skating and swimming lessons

  • socks

  • moon sand (Toys R us)

  • Trapeze lessons


In lieu of gifts, I would prefer donations be made to any of the following:


  • contributions to any charities on Brent's list, plus:

    • contribution to the International Red Cross

    • contribution to the League of Women Voters of Ohio or of Columbus  (You can't donate on line, but you can get more information and their mailing addresses.)

  • pair of tickets to The Capitol Steps or just about anything in the Broadway Series (except Cats)

  • OzzFest tickets


  • Abby is a size 5 going on 6 right now, and her favorite colors are purple and pink

  • books

  • craft kits

  • photo albums that hold 4x6s

  • slippers (she's about a size 10)

  • Strawberry Shortcake, Pretty Pony, Dora, and Ariel (little mermaid) stuff

  • Littlest Pet Shop crap

  • Barbie ATM (Mommy hates TV ads...)

  • Little Mermaid fishing rod and mer-bait


  • Dress Shirts (17.5/18 35/36)

  • DVD's? (Incredibles, finding nemo, Amelie....)

  • Sheets (queen, no flowers)

  • Towels

  • Pillows

  • Litter of kittens and a laser pointer


  • "Battlestar Gallactica, Season 2.5"

  • Masterpiece Theatre's "Upstairs Downstairs" on DVD


  • zoo membership

  • gift certificates for Lowes, Home Depot, Burlington Coat Factory

  • wireless networking card-thingee for her printer

  • Acme Home Suture and Syringe Kit


  • Lego Barbie 


  • Some sort of generator (random number, perhaps?)


  • amazon wish list site

  • interesting cooking things---food, tools, books

  • Skate-shoes


  • LightBright cube

  • floam

  • small legos (even above his age)

  • Tonka large green moving garbage/recycling truck

  • books

  • Thomas the Tank Engine wooden trains: Lady, Butch the Tow Truck, Chinese Dragon

  • Bling

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