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The Rosch Family

2009 Christmas List


What's up with Christmas this year?

Stockings - Once again:

This year, each adult selects one thing for every other adult's stocking - but with a price limit of $5 or thereabouts per item.

(As usual, parents are responsible for their children's stockings.)

FYI: 2007 list

Somehow, in switching computers, I've lost the 2008 list.  Sorry!

The List

Tom  |  Marcy   |  Dav  |   Pete  |  Brent  |  Beth  |  Abby  |  

Bill Andy  |  Chris  |  Dan  |  Bob  |  Christy  |  Liam  | Eamonn 


  • Black and Decker Thermal Leak Detector

  • Kahlua

  • Godiva liqueur

  • A good night's sleep

  • A wife w/o hot flashes

  • Subscription to "17 Magazine" 


  • a night out with Tom

  • AMC movie tickets

  • contributions to Heifer Int'l or Habitat for Humanity

  • relief from hot flashes or the Diva Nation CD from the Four Bitchin Babes

  • Beatles CDs

  • Glow-in-the-dark fangs


  • Contributions toward guitar lessons

  • guitar strings and picks

  • easy music books

  • full-size football

  • complicated jigsaw puzzles

  • Blokus or Cirkus

  • Learner's permit


  • simple puzzles

  • phonics type books

  • financial contributions towards:

    • swimming program thru school $10/mo

    • music therapy thru school $20/mo

    • MyGym classes $70/mo

  • Tuxedo



  • Any of the charities on Brent's list

  • Books by Sarah Vowell  (I've already read Wordy Shipmates and Assassination Vacation)

  • Crossword puzzle books (Wednesday or Thursday level of difficulty)

  • Sad books full of big words


  • American Heritage Children's Dictionary

  • Drawing and Painting Fairies

  • Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 paperback book

  • Tickets to and someone to go with to "Alvin and the Chipmunks 2" 

  • Calendar with cute puppies, perhaps chihuahuas

  • Crafts

  • She still likes My Little Pony and Littlest Pet Shop stuff

  • gift cards for Toys R Us, Barnes and Noble

  • FYI: size 8

  • Wii deer hunting game


  • Just got a dell studio 17 computer with an n wireless router. Could therefore use:

    • A travel bag for it.

    • A wireless printer. (I hear Kodak is good, but I dont know and have not looked around at all).

    • Are there other things I might need that I don't know of yet? (A wireless mouse maybe?)

  • A good book on the history of World War I.

  • Books by Daniel Silva (I have read The Secret Servant, The Kill Artist, and Moscow Rules)

  • A magazine rack or basket. (Something that is better than piling up on the floor).

  • A warm sweatshirt (size XL)

  • A gym bag

  • Heelys  


  • Here's my Amazon list

  • "The Chocolate, Coffee, MSG, and Onion Cookbook"


  • The second season of "How I Met Your Mother" on DVD.  (A used copy is fine.)

  • Installation of the new sink for the mudroom

  • Dark chocolate sponge candy

  • White gloves and a flowery hat 


  • Bokugon

  • (FYI:  Dan is not collecting Pokemon cards any more.)

  • Football uniform and pads


  • Dinner music. We have a nice stereo in our kitchen and like to listen to music of different themes while preparing / eating dinner. So themed CDs, like Mediterranean, Mexican, or Italian music would be appreciated (for when we cook Mediterranean, Mexican, or Italian food). Also, light jazz or cocktail hour music works well. You can often find these types of CDs at places like Pottery Barn or even Target - and I am sure you can find them cheaper online - but they are usually an impulse buy for me.

  • A subscription to The Economist Magazine

  • Black & Decker FSB18 FireStorm 18-Volt NiCad Slide Style Battery. This is an extra one for my cordless drill. That way I can charge one while I am working with the other

  • More snap-on horns! I can't find my snap-on horns! I need snap-on horns!  

  • Baggy "gangsta" pants


  • digital food scale with button to set it to the weight of the bowl
  • food mill

  • fake sherpa lined hoodie

  • "Snow Day" Life is Good long sleeve t-shirt, XL

  • "The Middle School Supplement to the US Army and Marines Counterinsurgency Field Manual"


  • chess set

  • squirt gun

  • G Force DVD

  • loves Legos---powerminers, Star Wars, Lego Pirate

  • bakugan

  • FYI: Liam wears a size 8 generally, sometimes 10 in shirts. Size 6 shoes.

  • Sparkly nail polish - like the pirates use!


  • Cars DVD (with Lightening McQueen, etc.)

  • playdough

  • art supplies

  • books

  • loves the ocean, animals (no live ones, thank you), construction equipment, sports, music, m&m's, raisinettes

  • FYI: 3T shirts and 2T pants. Size 9 shoes (big feet like Dad)

  • Liam's stuff

Want to add/change something?  Email Beth


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