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2010 Christmas List

FYI: 2009 list

The List

Tom  |  Marcy   |  Dav  |   Pete  |  Brent  |  Beth  |  Abby  |  

Bill Andy  |  Chris  |  Dan  |  Bob  |  Christy  |  Liam  | Eamonn 


  • Tom & Marcy: 

    • GPS

    • Blu-ray player

    • Teaspoons (in their silver pattern, not the measuring kind)

  • Tom & Dav:

    • Cirque du Soleil Dralion, it will be in Boston Jan 5-9.

  • An app that, when you're riding your bike, makes the sound of a card in the spokes. 


  • Panini Press, Belgian Wafflemaker, or a combo that has different plates for sandwiches and waffles 

  • Lg oval crockpot (hmm, I guess I am hungry, or the scullery maid) 

  • no clothes please

  • Platform crocs


  • SuperScrabble 

  • guitar strings 

  • Adult size bike Helmet 

  • music stand 

  • iPod Touch 

  • money towards a new bike (Tom and I are subsidizing first $200 towards a quality adult size bike) 


  • Book 8 "Harry Potter and the Magic of Compound Interest"


  • No Hats or clothes or puzzles 

  • Money or Apple gifts cards to buy him an iPad and case.

  • ShamWow


Here are my requested charities:


  • Wii remote (We have just one.)

  • Starbucks mocha mix

  • Amazon or Barns and Noble gift certificates

  • Donations to charities providing food, clothing and/or shelter

  • "Sleeping Mexican" bookends


  • Quirkle

  • Webkinz hamster

  • American Girl doll braces

  • Two dark purple berets (one for Abby, one for her friend)

  • Tasty Science

  • crystal growing kit

  • colorful duct tape

  • Suitcase

  • Wears a size 10 or so.  Favorite colors right now are turquoise, hot pink, and purple.

  • School uniform, plain gray


  • Any of Jon Stewart's books, (or at least the 2 or 3 that I have heard of).

  • A canvas tool bag for the car (Amazon has a bucket boss 06007 that looks good.)

  • Tools (screw-drivers, wrenches, etc) or other stuck on the road stuff for  said tool bag for the car. (I do have jumper-cables, so I don't need those.)

  • A Gym bag

  • Nice towels

  • Queen sized sheets (with deep pockets)

  • Ham 'n' Egg nog   


  • Check my Amazon list

  • Homing pigeon for lost gym gear



  • the latest nerf guns

  • "Big Book of Connect the Dots," by Mrs. Holden


  • Amazon gift cert.  It is so nice to want music or a book, click a button and have it downloaded in seconds for 'free'.

  • Lowes or Sears gift cert - New house, bigger yard, new issues etc. I am sure I will be spending time getting tools and supplies yet unknown.

  • Sabres tickets

  • Some interesting coffee in k-type filters.

  • Scent of the Sabres cologne


  • Monthly wall calendar, history or other, classroom appropriate

  • I'm interested in starting to cook Indian food, so things to help with that: a good Indian cookbook (I have a small, basic one) or spices, etc.

  • LL Bean Rangeley Camp Shirt: Cardinal Red Plaid XL

  • Cardboard boxes


  • LEGO Space Police Hyperspeed Pursuit (5973) 

  • LEGO Space Police Container Heist (5972)

  • Beyblades: 105RF BB28A and 125 SF B102

  • Beyblade launcher grip

  • Dragon's Universe Falcon and/or Stallion

  • Wii Lego Rock Band

  • Wii Scooby Doo first mysteries (or something like that)

  • Organ for grinding


  • Spiderman toddler bike helmet (target)

  • Lego Hero Factory DVD

  • Playmobile Knights playsets

  • Superman stuff

  • Star Wars stuff

  • Toy Story stuff

  • Monkey

Want to add/change something?  Email Beth


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